A born listener with decades of experience in the business world, L. J. Johnson possesses a unique ability to resolve even the most challenging commercial disputes. L. J. helps conflicted parties sort through competing facts and legal claims to eventually find common ground.

He can mediate protracted lawsuits or work with clients to resolve disputes before they ripen into potentially costly, time-consuming litigation.

L. J. serves as general counsel of a group of real estate funds, which previously owned assets across the country, a transactional lawyer and a real estate professional. He has been involved in countless business transactions from start to finish, and overseen lawsuits, arbitrations and mediations when called for.

It was this experience that motivated L. J. to form Johnson Conflict Resolution, a firm that can quickly diagnose the root cause of a business impasse and anticipate – and navigate – potential impediments to reaching a mutual resolution.

L. J. understands that there are often complex emotional dynamics at work in any business dispute, and that a key to resolving a conflict is to build rapport and trust with parties so that they can confidently air their concerns.

L. J. particularly prides himself on taking an efficient approach to dispute resolution. Prior to an actual mediation session, he will strive to gather as much factual and legal information as possible and also understand the broader context of a dispute by communicating with the parties. This prior preparation allows L. J. to begin working on creating mutual solutions to resolve the dispute with the parties very early in the mediation day. This avoids the prospect of taking a large part of the day learning about the case and the parties’ interests, which leads to beginning the process of resolving the dispute late in the day when minds are exhausted and nerves are frayed.

Johnson Conflict Resolution offers the following services:

  • Early Dispute Resolution: Johnson Conflict Resolution can help clients address conflicts at an early stage – often pre-litigation – and carefully and confidentially gather the competing views and facts on a subject so that parties can quickly defuse emerging conflicts.
  • Mediation: The firm focuses on mediating business disputes, with a particular emphasis on real estate, hospitality and resort, contract and partnership, and securities and lending matters.
  • Facilitation: Johnson Conflict Resolution can assist clients in opening up the lines of communication and dialogue with citizens, public interest organizations or other groups that might be opposed to a client’s business objectives.
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